Jan Magnus' S54 E30

Photography by Ole Kristian Stensrud @snapshine

1988 BMW 320i


  • S54B32 with custom Arc Asylum exhaust manifold and Kohler catback exhaust
  • E46 M3 6-speed transmission
  • Z3m diff cover
  • upgraded oil cooler
  • 2x 10¨mishimoto electric radiatorfans
  • ESS Alpha-N tune
  • VAC style carbon airbox
  • Mishimoto alu radiator


  • Full Mtech 2
  • Hella headlights
  • MHW taillights
  • BMW Sophistogrey exterior color


  • Mtech 2 steering wheel
  • Front/rear seats, and door cards reupholstered


  • KW coilovers Variant 3
  • Adjustable camber plates
  • 17¨BBS RS with turbofans (Front: 8.5”/ Rear: 10”)



Photography by Matt Petrie @crosshair_nightmare

IND is a household name in the BMW community.  From minor cosmetics like painted reflectors and custom trunk badges, to all metal wide body projects, OEM carbon fiber roof swaps, and full interior transformations, there is no task too big or small for the great folks out in Illinois.  On top of that impressive résumé as a distribution center they are responsible for brands such as Challenge, RKP, 3D Design, and Eventuri, just to name a few.  The list of greatness could go on, so upon its tenth anniversary this year, how does a company celebrate?  By creating a mobile trophy culminating all of their strengths into one flowing art form in the shape of a F82 M4.  It is a daunting task to find a way to out perform previous SEMA builds and project cars that have graced the pages of well-known BMW and European sports car publications.   With a fantastic color, incredibly rare and exclusive parts, and a well thought out plan, the IND “GTS-Plus” was executed flawlessly with the hard work and dedication of many individuals.   

The GTS-Plus started off its life as a Yas Marina M4 built around the aftermarket community highlighting all of the latest parts being designed and developed for the next generation BMW, more specifically the brand new introduction of the F82 M4 to BMW’s lineup. Sporting the highest caliber pieces front to back, there was no doubt this car stood out and did its job of showing what is available for the community.  It wasn’t until it underwent its Porsche Ultraviolet transformation that it became an iconic poster car, surpassing any expectation anyone could have held.

With the release of the limited production M4 GTS in its infancy and only a handful of people currently receiving them around the world,  the excitement of seeing one in person and the delivery to their owners has enthusiasts eager with anticipation.  Since the M4 GTS is not yet readily available and replacement parts only being available to those with their VIN numbers even remotely able think about getting backup parts, certainly you won’t find a car sporting any GTS components just yet, right?  Not quite, IND found a way to get their hands on the OEM GTS wing, half cage, and hood.  Where they didn’t get authentic GTS parts, they delivered alternative ways to impress.  They “settled” (insert proverbial air quotes and eye rolling in jealousy) for the last existing new set of genuine E46 M3 CSL buckets from a Motorsports warehouse in Germany.  Rather than the double staggered, acid orange wheels of the GTS, they chose the new BBS FI-R in double staggered sizes with a custom hand brushed finish.  BBS center caps were also custom machined to match the high luster finish of their FI-R’s.  The regular skinny and extremely strong spokes of the FI leave no where for Brembo GT’s to hide.  Add in the 5-axis procedure that the FI-R requires during production and now the holes in the windows add for another dimension of visibility and weight savings.  

Upholding their stellar reputation of their paintwork, there is not an inch of the previous Yas Marina Blue left to be found.  The car looks as though it was painted from the factory as an Individual car and it basically was.  The entire car was disassembled inside and out.  Along with the respray, 3D Design full carbon fiber bumpers were added to the front and the rear with matching 3D Design side skirt extensions along the bottom of the rockers.  An adjustable carbon fiber lower aero tray is much like the GTS’, but much larger to fit the shape of the 3D Design bumper.  Also identical to the M4 GTS,  KW Club Sport coil overs are dialed in, inside each wheel arch of the Ultraviolet M4.

The purple accents are continued into the interior of the car.  Most noticeably on the OEM GTS half cage sitting over custom made carbon fiber dead panels.  It is also found in the stitching along the doors and across the entire dashboard, that happens to be fully reupholstered in alcantara.  Lightweight components were brought into the car to replace areas like the center console and door cards.  Competition seat belts out of Germany run the Motorsports stripes down the length of belt with identically matched door pulls.  Pop the GTS hood and below the large weave pattern on the underside, you’ll find much more Ultra Violet matched pieces and trim work.  The color coordinated bits are all around the upgraded intercooler, which is one of many of Fall Line Motorsports’ newest performance upgrades this car is sporting.  On the business end of the car, Fall Line Motorsports also designed front spherical bearing conversion bushings, sway bar end links, rear toe adjustment arms, rear upper arm bearings, an oil cooler guard for the F8x chassis.

I had the pleasure of receiving this car when it first arrived early one warm summer morning a few months ago at AutoCouture Motoring.  It arrived and stayed at the ACM home base to be used for a couple of shows during the 2016 show season.  All of the hype and excitement on social media and the forums took nothing away from the experience and presence this car commands.  Even to the point that we caused mini traffic jam the first morning it was sitting out in our parking lot.   Inside ACM, all of the mechanics and sales office enjoyed it day in day out, as did customers who excitedly embraced the surprise when they dropped their car off for work.  There were also those from the Tri State who migrated there just to see it for themselves in person.  The more time you spend around the GTS Plus, the more detail can be seen.  You can really see the thought and hard work that went into every detail and why IND is ‘IND.’  It is currently in the BBS Wheels booth at SEMA 2016 so if you’re lucky enough to be out in Las Vegas enjoying the show this week, be sure to navigate your way to their booth to have a look at it for yourself. 


Elliot Abeel's X5M & Z3 M Coupe

Photography by Matt Petrie

The X5M is undoubtedly one of the best daily drivers out there. If you can afford one, there is really nothing better you can ask for in a vehicle. The power, comfort, handling, and the space; it's all present. Alright, I suppose you could ask for a few more MPG's, but the feeling you get when you can keep up with the best sports cars on the road quickly engages amnesia on its fuel efficiency.

Having a black X5M, Elliot had the vision of creating a purely evil truck.  As with any “murdered out” theme, the little pieces around the truck were darkened.  Turner Motorsports carbon fiber kidney grills and iND black side gills and reflectors completed that look.  In my opinion, what sets this truck apart from other attempts at murdering out is that Elliot avoided tinting the headlights and tail lights as well as blacking out the roundels.  People often smoke or tint everything for the sake of the black out, when it really just takes away from the classiness of the vehicle; he gets the point across without going overboard.  As a matter of fact, Meguiar's car cleaning products recognized this truck among a select handful of cars in the euro techniks car club as an outstanding vehicle to represent their company with a full sponsorship.  

The size and stance add to the sinister demeanor of the truck while the Lux V3 angel eye bulbs anthropomorphize this SAV into a true monster.  Aggressively lowered on KW V3 coil overs, he wanted to slam the truck as low as he could while maintaining the functionality for daily usage.  Elliot and I were laughing over the reactions his truck received from the online BMW community and on social media.  Many people argued that it was pointless to lower an SUV as much as he did, deeming it useless as a truck.  In actuality the X5M was designed to be a fast family hauler allowing you load up the hatch at Home Depot, and then dust a domestic muscle car on your way home.  Aside from lowering the truck he also added a BPM tune pumping the truck to over 600 horsepower, raising the bar from domestic muscle cars into the next tier.  Putting that power down to four wheels helps, but planting it with 295/325 tires ensures that this truck will stick during launch control and feel confident around any corner.

21” 3pc BC Forged HC052 wheels with a gloss black lip/flat black face fill in the wheel wells perfectly and has just the right amount of contrast on itself to cleverly play into the all black theme.  Around the back, a blacked out custom exhaust built by AUTOcouture Motoring gives the truck a great sound without drawing any attention to the rear end.  Up front a BMW Performance lip adds to the fierce prowess this truck has as it rides up on you in the rear view mirror. 

This X5M would be more than plenty for anyone, but when the weekend rolls around Elliot has a little trick up his sleeve in the form of a Z3 M Coupe.  He always had a certain love for these cars and knew one day he'd own one.  To many peoples' surprise, this is actually his second M Coupe.  He lost his 30,000 mile black Z3 M Coupe to flooding during a hurricane that blew through the North East a couple of years ago.  Once he and his family squared away the other damage that had been done, it was time to get back on track to find a replacement Z3.  After a couple of months of searching, a Titanium Silver, California car turned up. To his benefit he found one that was just under 8,000 miles at the time of purchase.

Being that it is a later model Z3, it is powered by the S54 engine, tuned down slightly to compensate for the lack of weight compared to its E46 M3 counterpart.  Despite the power difference, it is still more powerful and rarer than the previous S52 motor.  Elliot wasn’t ready to settle for just a low mileage S54, he still needed more.  He fitted this car with genuine 18” Kinesis K28 wheels that were previously refinished in a two stage gunmetal color which plays off of the silver well.  He lowered the M Coupe on KW V1 coil overs and sourced an equally rare Meisterschaft Titanium GT exhaust which has a distinct sound as the S54 rips through the power band.

In doubling the miles on the car since he bought it, Elliot is clearly not worrying about absolute preservation, however it does live most of it's life in the garage.  As a garage queen there’s always plans in store for the future of the car, but he wants to keep it simple and not overdone.  We can respect that because we understand 9 times out of 10 less is more, especially with a car as unmolested as this one. 

With all of that power packed into a lightweight sports car, you could image how much fun he has romping on it through the quiet, winding farm roads in his area.  When he comes home he has an X5M waiting for him to pick his friends up for a night out in the city. On a beautiful day, the choice between which vehicle to take can be rather stressful, but isn’t it a dilemma you’d love to find yourself in?