BMWs of First Class Fitment 2014

Photography by Matt Petrie


Michał Adamiszyn's Alpina B3 E36

Photography by

Many people will look at this car and probably react in one of two ways. They'll either be impressed by its stance and wheel setup, or they'll find the car "ruined" wondering why anyone would ever take the modifying that far. Though, whichever side of the fence you fall on, owner Michał Adamiszyn is unphased. The wildness of this build is not exactly my cup of tea, but I can respect it for Michał built it for none other than himself.

Sitting motionless the car bears a very aggressive attitude. The black grills and smoked lights help give the sinister appearance from the front, I can only imagine what it must look like approaching in the rearview. Red tails and a GT-Class spoiler with LTW risers were added to ensure the rear grabbed an equal amount of attention.

Before the E36, Michał had a "stanced" Mk1 VW Caddy and an Audi S4 B5 2.7 BiTurbo. The Audi kept breaking down so it was set back to stock and sold. During that time he said he always wanted to try something else and the E36 chassis really caught his eye. Michał was especially fond of Shaun Quill's red E36 which was an inspiration for his own build.

He found an original Alpina B3 E36 that had an accident with a tree by ways of the previous owner. He then swapped its engine and complete interior to a standard E36 with M body kit. Michał later decided that he no longer needed the beige leather interior because he found it pointless to keep it legit when the VIN code wasn't able to be moved with the rest of the original Alpina parts. So the interior received a pair of bucket seats with Schroth seat belts and a Nardi steering wheel.

Michał decided to keep most of the remaining interior parts though to show the roots of the car. The passenger side of the dashboard holds the Alpina plate that says "0186", the door threshold with Alpina badge and a couple other things were kept in the move. 

The engine is the Alpina B3 3.0 good for 247hp and 240 ft. lb. torque, Michał also added a K&N air filter and custom exhaust system. A manual gearbox from a 328i was chosen for the job instead of the Alpina switch-tronic transmission from the donor car.

A set of AP Fahrwerke coilovers with custom stiffer springs, camber plates and camber arms allowed Michał to achieve this radical wheel fitment. The camber up front is set to -8 degrees while the rear runs -9 degrees. The OZ Breyton wheel specs are 17x11"(F) and 17x11.25"(R) with 4 inch lips. That was unheard of years ago for the E36 chassis with stock fenders, even widebody fenders that's a whole lot of wheel to stuff in there.

After I briefly let go of my "purist" beliefs I was able to enjoy this absurd looking ride for what it was. I'm glad to see Michał pushing the limits and doing what most would say is impossible.