BMWs of First Class Fitment 2014

Photography by Matt Petrie


Bimmerfest East 2014

Photography by Ryan Lee

This year was the 4th installment of Bimmerfest East and I am comfortable with calling it the best one yet. BMW NA had a large presence this year and that gave enthusiasts reassurance that they haven’t forgotten about us.

Everybody can have a different experience at such a large show so I find it best to quickly describe mine rather than try to sum up an event so large into a few short sentences. The first year I came was the 2nd year of Bimmerfest East and I met a group of people who I knew after that weekend, would be life long friends. This year a good size of group of met up again to spend the weekend together in Aberdeen, Maryland. We convene here from Massachusetts, New Jersey, Florida, Virginia, and plenty of places in between.

There were beautifully represented examples of a wide range of classic BMW’s this year. BMW brought the m3 race cars of each chassis, Vendors brought their products, and enthusiasts from all over the country strolled the lot taking time to talk to owners about their projects or rare finds. Bimmerfest is more than a car show in a parking lot, it’s where friends are made through the blue and white roundel.