Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix 2017


Alex Siren's E28 535 Touring

Photography by Antti Eskeli @gleasygraphy


1987 BMW 535i Touring


  • M30B35 with a Hartge exhaust manifold
  • 5-speed getrag


  • Full Pfeba bodykit


  •  Mtech 1 steering wheel
  • Front/rear seats, rooflining, carpet, and door cards reupholstered


  • BC Racing coilovers and bolt-on air bags for BC
  • Hartge Type A (front wheel: 9”/rear wheel: 10.5”)


Bart Maczuga's F10 535 M-Sport

Photography by Matt Petrie

When BMW released the F10 5 series there was love/hate reaction from BMW community like there is with any new model. The styling, the technology, but even more so the departure from the “E” chassis code that had been around for decades, caused a bit of a stir. Regardless of what your preference is there is no denying Bart’s 535. Upon taking delivery less than six months ago Bart has quickly built one of the cleanest F10’s that is on the road right now.  At risk of sounding cliché about cars being extensions of ourselves, it seems to come naturally to him as a part of his personality and style.  Spend five minutes with Bart and you’ll see how grateful he is for everything he has. Get to know him and you’ll realize how hard he has worked to get all of it. He came here from Poland as a kid and worked his way through the language barrier and years of schooling.  After graduating college in 2005 he spent his time working on Wall Street in New York City.

When “Wall Street” is mentioned some of you movie gurus will immediately think of Oliver Stone’s late 80’s film with the devious and manipulative Bud Fox sneaking his way up the ladder. Those of you in the real world who work there or have family/friends know the countless hours spent trying to make your way. You have to get yourself noticed without causing too much attention. That is just how Bart operates and how his F10 535 is presented.

Sitting down to lunch with him after the shoot he told me that this F10 is his 23rd car. For someone in their early 30’s it’s almost the same ratio to buying a pair of shoes, at least for me, but despite how many cars he has owned; he has always favored BMW’s. This shows in his track record starting with his first E39 528 many years ago all the way up through his multiple E9x M3’s and now to his big bodied 5 series. His E9x M3’s were modified with all quality parts and wheels and this car is no different.

He opted for 20” MORR VS8.2 wheels again after having them (among many sets) in the 19” form on one of his E9x M3’s, but this time in a hand brushed finish offered by MORR.  The car is lowered on KW V1 coilovers which do more than enough as a commuter car. Upon ordering this from BMW one thing was mandatory and that was the “M package.” Upgraded oem wheels, aero kit, steering wheel, and seats are all part of the $5,000 option from the factory, but in usual fashion he wasn’t done there. Months ago, before the new M5 was readily available and on the road, Bart was sporting an oem M5 rear diffuser that he explained only took minor fabbing to fit into the M aero kit because the M5’s share nearly the same body work. So similar in fact that he said people frequently mistake it for an M5. For the extra power a JB stage 2 tune was installed as well as a custom, dual quad exhaust with muffler delete and black exhaust tips built by the specialists at AutoCouture Motoring.

Little touches around the car from IND, JL Motoring, and Xclusiv Autosports add to the tastefulness of this car. The black accents tie in perfectly to complete its look from the most noticeable black painted roof all the way down to the two-toned trunk spoiler and little details on the door handles. My favorite thing about cars like this one is that there are so many subtleties on it that the more you look around the more you start to see.  By going the extra distance in the details instead of big wheels, obnoxious paint, and tacky add-ons he built a car that makes a statement without saying anything. Even though at his rate, the F10 may be gone by the time this article is up, you can be certain that the next vehicle as his others in the past will be done with the same style and class that this has.