Bimmerfest East 2012

Photography by Dan Wagener & Cuong Phan

The second annual Bimmerfest East was held this past weekend in Aberdeen, Maryland. I arrived later than I had planned pulling into the show around noon. This year’s turnout honestly caught me a little off guard. I was in awe when I saw that the entire lot was almost completely filled to the far end, it had to have nearly doubled the amount of last year’s. Being surrounded by nothing but Bimmers and people who share a common interest with you is a sure combination for a good day. Photographers couldn’t have asked for better weather with the overcast skies and it beat walking around on a hot sunny day.

I was quickly reminded of the greatest part of these shows… friends. Running into someone that you haven’t seen for a year, finally putting a face to a name, or becoming friends with a stranger that you struck up a conversation with, it wouldn’t be anything more than a bunch of cars in a parking lot without this. That is what makes us already miss the show on the trip home and gives us the anticipation for the next one.