Nick Dimitrov's E30 M3

Photography by @funkymac

1990 BMW E30 M3
92,900 original miles
Individual Fire Orange U94
All matching VIN panels (minus hood, that came off a DS 1988 e30 m3)

OEM Vert Welded front Strut plates
Rolled quarters
Shaved passenger door lock
Shaved engine bay
Euro smoothen bumpers
Complete soda blasted body
Zero rust
Under Coated black
All brand new OEM gaskets and moldings
Brand New OEM front Windshield
Manual Roll up Windows OEM Conversion
Euro grilles non oem
Euro French Yellow Projected H1 LED, Smileys
Oem Restored Taillights
Oem Smoked front turning signals
Evo Sport Bumper strip (custom)
Evo Sport Fender/Hood OEM moldings
Evo 1 front lip non oem
Evo DTM ducks non oem
318is under hood panel
OEM brand new M3 front and rear badges
OEM brand new front and rear bmw badges
Kessell performance bumper strips
50% tinted windows all around including front windshield.

CCW Forged Classics
Gloss black faces
Gloss black ARP hardware
Gloss black inner barrels
Tinted gloss clear over polished lips/ CCW oil slick stickers
OEM ///M valve caps
Shorten metal valve stems
Rally Road 90MM studs conversion
18x10 et25 225/35/18 Federal 595
18x9 et25 215/35/18 Continental Extreme DWS

Bilstein PSS Coilovers front
8k spring rates
BR racing rear shocks/ Swift/ fortuneauto coilovers set up 12k spring rates
S/T sway bars 22mm F/ 19mm R
RD Poly sway bar bushings
Turner Motorsports end links
Ground Control Street/Track camber/ caster plates
Reinforced front subframe
Reinforced rear subframe
AKG Polly subframe mounts
AKG Polly diff mount
AKG Polly Rtab mounts
AKG adjustable camber/toe welded brackets and bolts
Garagistic rear strut tower reinforcement plates
Garagistic rear powder coated black strut bar
Garagistic towing/dyno hooks
DR racing adjustable front strut bar
E36 M3 96/99 steel lower control arms
Tree house lcrm mounts
Condor Speed shop poly inserts

Porsche 996/911 Carrera Brembos
4 Piston Rebuilt with Gray seals
Soda Pop Orange Powder coated
Chase bays Abs delete set up with adjustable proportion valve and metal tucked brake lines
Ceramic Brake pads
E46 M3 328/330MM Brembo blank Rotors
Rally Road front and rear Brembo brackets
Sps concept modified rear e36 to e30 rear brackets
Rally Road Blue metal brake lines
944 Porsche OEM brand new brake booster
OEM brand new Bmw e32 750il 25mm Master Cyl
OEM E30 M3 Master Cyl Reserver

Black Alcantara catuned headliner
Black Alcantera Suede Door panels
Black OEM handles
Black Carpet
Euro Manual Windows Center Console
Euro OEM non locking glove box handle
Black Alcantara Recaro Evo Sport Rep seats/ Rear seat delete black suede
Black F30 Rubber OEM floor mats
Black Alcantara A, B & C pillars
Black Alcantara rear speaker deck and rear panel
Oem Mtech 2 385mm steering wheel with M tri color stitching (Nappa leather)
E30 UK Alcantara Shift Boot
E30 UK Alcantara ebrake boot
325is ebrake handle and trigger
Oem M3 5speed ZHP shift knob
BavRestoration custom E30 M3 cluster, with digital oil temp gauge, and DTM flat black Rings

S50b30 US Spec- 75,000 miles
ZF1 5speed US Spec trans-
(Detent service, shifter select rod replaced)
Schrick 276/270 Camshafts
Dr. Vanos Stg1
TMS shorty track headers
Custom 3inch stainless exhaust
Race muffler 3inch dual exit tips
24 Lbs blue top injectors
Bosh brand new OEM intank fuel pump
Bosh brand new OEM external fuel pump
Semens brand new OEM Fuel sending unit
Oem e30 m3 fuel filter
3.5inch maf
Mishimoto 3.5 inch 90% elbow
JDM racing 3.5 inch 45% elbow
3.5 inch inlet Diesel intake filter
RK-tunes, burble tune
Redline raised to 7,250RPM
FX racing Stg2 Clutch, FXracing 14 lbs alum flywheel, Sachs Trow out bearing.
UUC Evo 3 Shifter
AKG 24v swap Dtm dssr bar
AKG 24v swap 90grade engine mounts
AKG 24v swap poly trans mounts
TMS alum trans mount cups
Brand new oem e30 325 trans cross member
E36 M3 4bolt drive shaft
E30 M3 OEM center support bearing
Oem Spec Febi Guibo
3.15 ratio LSD 188mm differential
Z3M Diff cover
E34 m50 oil pan, pick up tube and oil tub with dip stick
E46 M3 OEM oil cap
Oem oil filter housing gasket
Oem oil pan gasket
Oem rear heater pipe gasket
Oem oil pick up tube gasket
Oem shortened radiator hoses
Oem valve cover gasket
Oem new m54 oil pressure line
Denso spark plugs
AZautohauz heater core
Oem 318ti rear heater core hose
Oem spider hose
Oem rear main seal
Oem pilot bearing
Secured safety wired oil pump nut
Bavarian raceworks oil temp adapter to oil pressure switch
behr 318ti radiator with 1.4 Bar radiator cap
Oem oil filter
5w30 Castrol Synt Oil 6.9 Quarts

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Brandon Phan's Z3 M Coupe

Photography by Brandon Phan

I’ve always been drawn to BMWs. Maybe it was the aesthetic appeal, or because my parents have always had one or two in the garage as I grew up. 

My M Coupe was the longest relationship I had with a car. Before it, my E39 touring lasted a few months and then the E46 only 9. I was always intrigued by the “clown shoe” and desired to own one eventually in my life. As the car seemed to appreciate over the years, the wait for one would be longer I thought. 

It was the beginning of summer 2013 when I started to feel bored of the E46. I was stumbling through Craigslist and saw a listing for a 2000 Estoril over Estoril M Coupe. It was priced within reach and it only got me more excited thinking I could own one. After a few weeks of discussing with the owner, we agreed on a trade, my E46 plus cash for the car. 

The car seemed a little neglected when I first acquired her, but after some attention to the paint, and a good cleaning, she was presentable. I told myself that I would keep the car stock as long as I owned it, but after a year, I began to itch. 

First was tint. I thought I could stop there, but the temptation from browsing stance blogs and having these large wheel arches, I just had to. I just had to do something. Right about that time, I was reading all about these Fortune Auto built coilovers called Broadway Statics. Everyone was raving about the ride and how low they could go. I knew those were the ones for me after seeing some of the results on the E36 builds. I contacted them and I was able to decide that I would be going with 16k fronts and 18k rears. My set was the first M Coupe set from them and after being the guniea pig for 9 weeks, we got it right. Next was wheels, I wanted to be different. I didn’t want to put a set of CCW Classics on there or BBS RS’s. I wanted a set of HRE 505s or Rotiform TMBs but they were out of my budget. Conveniently, CCW had just released their LM5Ts. Now for the measurements. I wanted to push something more aggressive than what had already been done, so I consulted with my friend James. Some of you may know him as Floss. We settled on the 18x10" et19 up front and 18x12.5" et15 out back. And for tires, 225/40 and 295/30.

While spending so much money on modifications, I neglected crucial maintenance. BMW has always been known for a weak cooling system and I got to experience that the hard way. One day while driving to work I noticed my AC had stopped working and then the temperature gauge sprung to red... I immediately pulled over. I looked in my rear view mirror and billows of smoke was exiting from my exhaust. I knew something bad just happened. Next I checked my oil dipstick, and when I pulled it out, it was like chocolate milk. My head gasket was compromised. 

At the time I couldn't afford to have that kind of work done by a shop, so I had to learn to do it on my own. With the help of some great friends and my dad in my garage at home, I was able to get her back on the road.

The urge to do more to it was dangerous. I had done most of the maintenance and aesthetic modifications I envisioned, but being me it wasn't enough. I wanted to do a metal wide body and turbocharge it. After planning out the finances for such work, it broke me. 

I loved my M coupe, but as time passed, I matured. For me, this was all the car I could ever want, but it was the wrong time. I'm not somewhere in my life where I am financially stable enough to pursue my dreams of traveling and own this car. There can always be another M Coupe for me down the road, but my youth and travels won't.