Nick Dimitrov's E30 M3

Photography by @funkymac

1990 BMW E30 M3
92,900 original miles
Individual Fire Orange U94
All matching VIN panels (minus hood, that came off a DS 1988 e30 m3)

OEM Vert Welded front Strut plates
Rolled quarters
Shaved passenger door lock
Shaved engine bay
Euro smoothen bumpers
Complete soda blasted body
Zero rust
Under Coated black
All brand new OEM gaskets and moldings
Brand New OEM front Windshield
Manual Roll up Windows OEM Conversion
Euro grilles non oem
Euro French Yellow Projected H1 LED, Smileys
Oem Restored Taillights
Oem Smoked front turning signals
Evo Sport Bumper strip (custom)
Evo Sport Fender/Hood OEM moldings
Evo 1 front lip non oem
Evo DTM ducks non oem
318is under hood panel
OEM brand new M3 front and rear badges
OEM brand new front and rear bmw badges
Kessell performance bumper strips
50% tinted windows all around including front windshield.

CCW Forged Classics
Gloss black faces
Gloss black ARP hardware
Gloss black inner barrels
Tinted gloss clear over polished lips/ CCW oil slick stickers
OEM ///M valve caps
Shorten metal valve stems
Rally Road 90MM studs conversion
18x10 et25 225/35/18 Federal 595
18x9 et25 215/35/18 Continental Extreme DWS

Bilstein PSS Coilovers front
8k spring rates
BR racing rear shocks/ Swift/ fortuneauto coilovers set up 12k spring rates
S/T sway bars 22mm F/ 19mm R
RD Poly sway bar bushings
Turner Motorsports end links
Ground Control Street/Track camber/ caster plates
Reinforced front subframe
Reinforced rear subframe
AKG Polly subframe mounts
AKG Polly diff mount
AKG Polly Rtab mounts
AKG adjustable camber/toe welded brackets and bolts
Garagistic rear strut tower reinforcement plates
Garagistic rear powder coated black strut bar
Garagistic towing/dyno hooks
DR racing adjustable front strut bar
E36 M3 96/99 steel lower control arms
Tree house lcrm mounts
Condor Speed shop poly inserts

Porsche 996/911 Carrera Brembos
4 Piston Rebuilt with Gray seals
Soda Pop Orange Powder coated
Chase bays Abs delete set up with adjustable proportion valve and metal tucked brake lines
Ceramic Brake pads
E46 M3 328/330MM Brembo blank Rotors
Rally Road front and rear Brembo brackets
Sps concept modified rear e36 to e30 rear brackets
Rally Road Blue metal brake lines
944 Porsche OEM brand new brake booster
OEM brand new Bmw e32 750il 25mm Master Cyl
OEM E30 M3 Master Cyl Reserver

Black Alcantara catuned headliner
Black Alcantera Suede Door panels
Black OEM handles
Black Carpet
Euro Manual Windows Center Console
Euro OEM non locking glove box handle
Black Alcantara Recaro Evo Sport Rep seats/ Rear seat delete black suede
Black F30 Rubber OEM floor mats
Black Alcantara A, B & C pillars
Black Alcantara rear speaker deck and rear panel
Oem Mtech 2 385mm steering wheel with M tri color stitching (Nappa leather)
E30 UK Alcantara Shift Boot
E30 UK Alcantara ebrake boot
325is ebrake handle and trigger
Oem M3 5speed ZHP shift knob
BavRestoration custom E30 M3 cluster, with digital oil temp gauge, and DTM flat black Rings

S50b30 US Spec- 75,000 miles
ZF1 5speed US Spec trans-
(Detent service, shifter select rod replaced)
Schrick 276/270 Camshafts
Dr. Vanos Stg1
TMS shorty track headers
Custom 3inch stainless exhaust
Race muffler 3inch dual exit tips
24 Lbs blue top injectors
Bosh brand new OEM intank fuel pump
Bosh brand new OEM external fuel pump
Semens brand new OEM Fuel sending unit
Oem e30 m3 fuel filter
3.5inch maf
Mishimoto 3.5 inch 90% elbow
JDM racing 3.5 inch 45% elbow
3.5 inch inlet Diesel intake filter
RK-tunes, burble tune
Redline raised to 7,250RPM
FX racing Stg2 Clutch, FXracing 14 lbs alum flywheel, Sachs Trow out bearing.
UUC Evo 3 Shifter
AKG 24v swap Dtm dssr bar
AKG 24v swap 90grade engine mounts
AKG 24v swap poly trans mounts
TMS alum trans mount cups
Brand new oem e30 325 trans cross member
E36 M3 4bolt drive shaft
E30 M3 OEM center support bearing
Oem Spec Febi Guibo
3.15 ratio LSD 188mm differential
Z3M Diff cover
E34 m50 oil pan, pick up tube and oil tub with dip stick
E46 M3 OEM oil cap
Oem oil filter housing gasket
Oem oil pan gasket
Oem rear heater pipe gasket
Oem oil pick up tube gasket
Oem shortened radiator hoses
Oem valve cover gasket
Oem new m54 oil pressure line
Denso spark plugs
AZautohauz heater core
Oem 318ti rear heater core hose
Oem spider hose
Oem rear main seal
Oem pilot bearing
Secured safety wired oil pump nut
Bavarian raceworks oil temp adapter to oil pressure switch
behr 318ti radiator with 1.4 Bar radiator cap
Oem oil filter
5w30 Castrol Synt Oil 6.9 Quarts

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Ian Kley's E46 M3 / M-kart

Photography by Ian Kley @ian_kley & Mark Scire II @mscire2

In the early morning hours of February 17, 2017 I received the call every auto enthusiast that stores their prized possessions off site or away in storage fears most….”Your car is gone”

In my case there had been a structure fire in the building that housed my rented shop space, in an instant my fairly heavily modified ’02 Imola Red/Cinnamon E46 M3 had been destroyed, along with the contents of my shop space.

Emotions at that time ranged from devastation, to annoyance, to slightly amusing relief that everything was properly written off for insurance purposes, all the way to inspiration that came full circle when my buddy Jay and I trudged into the rubble, popped the melted doors open, and saw the glass lower with the door, indicating that there was still power in the vehicle, for us this was enough, it would have to live again….

Fast forward four months later, after a grueling insurance/properly loss litigation, the vehicle was finally purchased back from the insurance company and at new space generously loaned to me by my afore mentioned friend Jay, whom somehow always finds himself conned into involvement in my absurd projects, we were ready to give it new life.

Upon return of the car it was inspected throughly and just as we hoped, miraculously under the badly burned and smoke saturated exterior, lay relatively undamaged drivetrain, suspension, wiring, and running gear..

The next step in this project remains highly controversial: The process began to decide what we would actually do with the charred remains. For months behind the scenes Jay and I discussed options, ultimately deciding that with limited options for such a badly damaged vehicle, that we would do something, that although is popular these days, we have wanted to do for years to a car, which was to remove and modify the majority of the unibody chassis, replacing it with an exo-roll cage and rip it on the street….Hate it or love it the #mkart was underway.

Before the fire the car was what i would consider modified to a super choice “clubsport” spec. All suspension bushings were upgraded with polyurethane from AKG Motorsports along with the common rear subframe reinforcement, body mounted motorsports “quickshifter” also from AKG, upgraded engine and transmission mounts from Vibratechnics, OEM Z4m steering rack with AKG polyurethane steering coupler, KW Clubsport 2way dampers, fixed back buckets and a one off half cage from FHF Fabrication, as well as a slew of other little detail and cosmetic upgrades.

During the transformation we added a few choice goods that had been planed for the car in the upcoming season, such as Porsche 996 Brembos, Koyo aluminum rad/ Mishimoto e-fan setup, Mocal oil cooler upgrade, and a custom velocity stack/ heat shield setup final tuned by Jordan at RKTunes.

Over the next two months, Jay and I (mostly Jay) worked tirelessly, stripping, cutting, bending, welding and shaping metal to create the cage over the remaining chassis, removing over 3ft off the back off the car and affixing the rear subframe directly to the cage. Cheap mild tubing and some rough, quick fab work did the trick, this was wasn’t about fit and finish, it was all about sketchy fun and near instant gratification. I would be lying if i said we had a definitive plan before going at this, the majority of this project was improvised as we went along, however the one thing we were able to agree upon from the beginning, was that the car absolutely had to be road worthy, it simply wasn’t not funny enough unless we could use it on the street.

As a result we kept the factory front clip and headlights, as well as the a-pillars and a new piece of glass, we used universal trailer LED taillights and blinkers for the legal stuff, we even added a completely useless rear view mirror for that extra level of: “please don’t impound us bro!!!!”

It was to be a 100% street car….from my prospective this project was all about was making people smile, making the best of a bad situation and encouraging others to never give in to negativity and fear of being themselves.

After it was finished we had an absolute riot ripping around town, laying tire, shooting big flames from the short exhaust, answering hilariously confused questions, letting people sit in it, letting our friends take it out… Jay and I even drove it 4.5hrs from Buffalo, NY to Pocono Raceway for the Mpact BMW event in August 2017, as well as Canibeat’s First Class Fitment and even over the GW bridge in NYC to a Cars & Coffee event in Greenwich, CT. It was endless hilarity and hooliganism.

Most importantly this seemingly goofy project served as a good bit of personal therapy during one of the hardest years of my life. Not two weeks before the fire, my mother was diagnosed with completely unexpected terminal cancer at age 61…she lived just long enough to see the completed project on its maiden voyage, later that night sending me the last text message I would ever receive from her, reminding me how proud she was of me for not giving up, having a positive attitude and always seeing the bright side to a bad situation, values I not surprisingly learned from her, and I learned from the best.

The moral of this story/project was to inspire others and remind ourselves never to give up, and never miss an opportunity to see the brighter side of any situation.

By the time you’ll read this, the #mkart will have already been stripped of its drivetrain and suspension components, they will have gone off to live in a new project of mine, a perfect spec Alpine White/Impulse cloth SMG E46 M3, a prime candidate for a full run through and rehab, but the kart chassis still exists, and who know, you might see it reincarnated in some form soon, keep an eye out!


Frank Brearley III's V8 E30

Photography by Matt Petrie @crosshair_nightmare

When it comes to grass roots drifting, the ‘Club Loose’ name carries a tremendous weight.  Well known across the country,  their home track resides in Old Bridge Township, NJ; better known to most as Raceway Park.  Setting up dozens of events during the season, Club Loose draws a large amount of novice and experienced drivers alike.  It's also frequented by Formula D pros during their off weekends or when they take extended stays around the Formula D circuit stop at nearby Wall Speedway.  Level of expertise aside, there's one thing they're all doing - burning through rear tires.  Frank, being in the tire industry and a savvy businessman, saw an opportunity to contribute to this community directly.  His company, BC Tire, became the provider of tires for the Club Loose events, literally trucking container loads in to feed the addiction at an affordable price.  

Spending more time at the track as a vendor stirred up the desire to have a dedicated car to go out and enjoy for himself.  At the time he had just finished building a show oriented full OEM 1M converted 135 on air ride, but he was looking for something a little more suitable to bash around.  He wanted a chassis that was more simplified and rough around the edges compared to the E82.  He found himself a very modest, garage kept, 325e owned by an old lady in upstate NY.  Underpowered, but a solid chassis for its age, Frank decided to reach out to AUTOcouture Motoring to improve it 'slightly'.


This is when I had first met Frank.  It was a well over a year ago when he contacted me about this little project he had in mind.  He informed me that his intentions were somewhat nefarious, so naturally he had my undivided attention.  More displacement by means of a factory V8, full suspension conversion, brake overhaul, widened fenders, the list went on and on and the more he explained to me, the more I knew I was going to have the opportunity to be a part of something very exciting.  The most enjoyable aspect about this project was that he was building this car for the sole purpose to go out and play with it.  Not being an experienced driver, both Frank and the car would improve together.  After dozens of emails, the day finally came and the E30 was dropped off.  We began stripping the car and preparing it for the transformation.  He had a plan in mind for the heart of the project and shortly thereafter he told me he sourced an M60 from California. 

A couple of weeks later, there was an M60 on the back of the tractor trailer outside of the shop.  After a 3,000-mile journey,  the tailgate swung open and we come to find it strapped to a pallet on its oil pan solely with the transmission affixed to the valve covers above.  A sandwiched M60, sitting naked on it's oil pan was exactly what we didn't want to see.  Unsure of the damage done to the internals, I attempted to get a hold a Frank to let him know of our discovery.  Unresponsive and in a time crunch from the delivery driver, I was in a pinch.  If we signed for it, the mystery package was our problem.  If we sent it back with the delivery service, Frank had no engine.  Finally after multiple attempts, Frank responds….his wife was in labor....how about that for timing?  He gave me the OK to refuse the engine as he was leaning our way of conservatively not rolling the dice. 

Conveniently however, we had recently finished performing a manual trans swap for a California customer who bought an E39 touring on the east coast.  We swapped the transmission weeks before and that customer flew out here to drive the car back to his home in northern California.  That donor car, sitting outside of the shop, provided the prospect of an M62 that was ready for its new life in a smaller chassis, pending on Frank agreeing to it.  As long as the M62 passed leak down and compression test Frank was in.  He knew that the weight of the E30 and with the help of a welded differential out back, he wouldn't need to go crazy with an S62 or building out an M60/M62.  Instead, while it was out of the car the plan was to focus on the reliability of the engine.  We replaced the head gasket, timing chain, timing chain guides, all seals and hardware, full cooling system including water pump and thermostat to name a few.  During the disassembly and maintenance overhaul of the M62, many of the engine components were powder coated orange.  While the entire shop had a part in the build, the primary mechanic and fabricator behind it was Charlie Cisek.  He was able to make all of Frank’s requests a reality and even some things Frank didn't know he wanted.

This E30 is littered with details, more hiding around this car than can be mentioned.  It would be too easy to point out the orange full cage that was designed and made by Charlie, but rather the fact that a nearly 100 percent stock interior still remains with it.   Full rear seats, headliner, door cards and functioning sunroof are in tact, even the door card armrests were slimmed down to fit flush above the side bars.  Small riveted panels follow the contours of the dash to clean up the cuts made to accommodate the additional A-pillar area.  We could mention the floor boards and how they were cut, bent and gusseted individually by hand as well as a dead pedal made from scratch to mimmic the rest of his aftermarket pedal assembly.  The reinforced trans tunnel is the backbone for his right hand as the Samsonas shifter and the ASD hydro handle both mount securely there.  The force of shifting gears and pulling on the hydro creates too much pressure for the thin sheet metal of the trans tunnel alone,  leaving Charlie no choice, but to beef it up with thicker metal.  The removal of the center console left no place for the window switches so he relocated them up top on the dash board.  With the heat in tact, but air conditioning removed,  the 'snowflake a/c' button has been reassigned to power up the auxiliary fan. 

Amongst the cooling fan, behind the kidney grills lies a power steering cooler and external oil cooler.  The source of the oil cooler is a European S62 oil filter housing chosen because of its inlet and return line ports.  Charlie showed his affinity for older Japanese cars by exposing the oil cooler lines in the front bumper running from the custom mounted oil filter stand to the cooler itself.  With the removal of the M20 and most of its corresponding components, the engine bay received a minor shave.  The lack of room due to engine size, required many of the fluids to be relocated to Chase Bays reservoirs or Wilwood tanks.  The wiring was severely slimmed down from the conventional E39 540i.  Thanks to the combined expertise of Shaun Bruno, the shop foreman, the harness and connectors were carefully re pinned to utilized only what Frank needed. 

Along with sorting out the wiring in general, they were able clean the engine bay up further by changing the engine wiring harness location.  Typically, the engine harness leads out of bank two, across the engine bay, and into the driver footwell, but instead a block off plate was made in place of the original exit.  An access panel was cut facing the firewall and the shortened wiring harness now dumps directly out of the back into the glove box area.  To fit the M62 engine, the Garagistic front subframe was used.  To fit it properly, the  motor mount bracket on the M62 had to be modified slightly to fit.  Mounting modification was also done to the transmission well.  Charlie fabricated a new transmission mount to hold the 6 speed gear box underneath. 

The trunk houses the ATL fuel cell on top of the deleted spare tire tray.  Below the trunk floor is the perpendicular reinforcement bracing for structural rigidity and is the receiver for the custom made fuel cell brackets. This provides maximum strength to the frame and protects the E30 structurally in case he gives the wall or another car, a love tap.  The other item sharing space with the fuel cell is native to the trunk, however has been relocated and reinforced as well.  Charlie fabricated a battery tray and shock tower brace to combine added stiffness and for weight distribution, keeping it all neutralized and centered over the differential.  With all of that extra room below, Charlie cut an access area in the quarter panel in preparation for the side exhaust.  Made to be serviceable in sections, the exhaust comes off the headers with only a couple of resonators in place.  The car fires up with a ferocious bark, and although it idles surprisingly quietly, the blip of the throttle is enough to make you jump even while you're prepared for it. 


A reinforced and powder coated rear subframe holds a welded 2.91 differential with custom reinforced mounts and upgraded bushings.   A shortened driveshaft in orange (naturally) accommodates the new length of Kassel tuned M62 to the rear end.  CA Tuned coil overs were installed to keep the car flat and planted, bestowing confidence as the car gets tossed from left to right.  The car has enough torque to throw itself in either direction with the tap of his right foot, but when he needs to lock up the rear wheels, he does it with the help of a Wilwood dual caliper setup.  

This winter has brought on the second iteration of the M62E30.  This season, Frank will continue to get more experience under his belt and push the car further towards its limits.  This project is not over as Frank has continued plans for the future, but the important thing is that whether he's locking in lines or breaking it, he's shredding tires and putting a smile on his face. 

For more photos of the build, click on the gallery below for some of AUTOcouture Motoring's documentation. 

BMW News

The BMW Concept M8 Gran Coupe

The BMW Concept M8 Gran Coupe illustrates the meaning behind the letter “M” at BMW in impressive style: it stands for “more”, more of everything. As well as dynamic excellence, the BMW Concept M8 Gran Coupe embodies a new facet of luxury for the BMW brand – ultra-sporty, extrovert and polarising.

“The BMW 8 Series will take over as the new flagship model of the BMW line-up and, as such, combines unsurpassed sportiness and elegance,” says Adrian van Hooydonk, Senior Vice President BMW Group Design. “The BMW Concept M8 Gran Coupe offers a look ahead to the most exotic and alluring variant of the new BMW 8 Series.”

Symbol of a unique understanding of luxury.
The BMW Concept M8 Gran Coupe is more than simply a luxury sports car with four doors. It symbolises a new and unique understanding of luxury. “The BMW Concept M8 Gran Coupe is designed to stir things up, to polarise – it should move you emotionally,” explains Domagoj Dukec, Vice President Design BMW M and BMW i. “With this car we want to reach people who are looking for something special and who want to stand out from the crowd. Here, BMW M is unmistakably taking luxury out of its comfort zone.” Like the BMW Concept 8 Series before it, the BMW Concept M8 Gran Coupe shows off BMW’s new design language, headlined by expressive surfacing that accentuates the car’s dynamism more vividly than before through its bodywork. A small number of precise character lines underline the graphic arrangement of the surfaces.

The front end: a promise of dynamic talent to quicken the pulse.
Low to the road and broad in stance, the eye-catching front end of the BMW Concept M8 Gran Coupe delivers an immediate promise of an exceptional performance experience. The muscular surfaces and precise contours of the bonnet hint at the driving capability bubbling intently under the skin.

The face of the new BMW 8 Series is evident in the new Concept’s front-end graphic. The contours of the radiator grille kidneys broaden as they descend towards the road, emphasising the car’s low centre of gravity. As on early BMW coupes, the kidney elements are linked by an unbroken grille surround, creating a large single element. The headlights are positioned slightly higher than the kidneys and give them the impression of sitting lower, which further emphasizes the car’s closeness to the asphalt. In contrast, the gold-coloured kidney surround brings an added air of exclusivity to the front end. Within the headlights, the lighting technology familiar from the M8 GTE endurance racer provides a dynamic, hexagonal interpretation of BMW’s signature four-eyed front end, distilling elements of modern-day motor sport and luxurious quality into its inner details. Meanwhile, brawny air intakes in carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic (CFRP) guide the air to where it is required.

The side – elegance meets powerful precision. 
Even when viewed from a distance, the proportions of the BMW Concept M8 Gran Coupe radiate the car’s dynamic character. A long wheelbase, long bonnet, flowing roofline and short tail create an elegantly sporty coupe silhouette. The emotionally rich surfacing reaches a climax in the car’s shoulders around the C-pillars, north of the rear wheels. Here, the roof flows into the rear by means of elegantly sculpted fins. Lower down, the muscular flared wheel arches offer a visual expression of the power working through the rear axle. The smooth transitions between surfaces exude a certain sensuousness, while the heavy tapering of the car’s shoulders combines with a wide track to bring extra definition and athleticism. Being every inch the BMW M car, the BMW Concept M8 Gran Coupe has a roof made from CFRP – which lowers the car’s centre of gravity both visually and physically – and aerodynamically optimised exterior mirrors.

The Salève Vert paint finish, whose colour appears to change from green to greyish blue in different lights, creates a hugely effective surface composition and teams up with the gold-coloured window graphic, hallmark M gills, gold-coloured brakes, wheel rims and M twin exhaust tailpipes to give the car a head-turning, all-new look.

The rear packs an imposing presence.
The rear of the BMW Concept M8 Gran Coupe oozes the dynamic élan and visual impact for which M is renowned, and the wide track and flared wheel arches hint at the car’s performance capability. Horizontal lines break up the rear end stylistically, allowing the area below the rear spoiler to catch more light and adding extra visual agility. At the outer edges, the slim, sculpted rear lights with black glass covers underscore the car’s wide stance on the road. Below them, the bumper picks up the front apron’s dynamic theme. The prominent diffuser and two sets of familiar M twin exhaust tailpipes together send out a clear message of absolute performance.

Looking ahead.
The striking exterior of the BMW Concept M8 Gran Coupe combines the core values of BMW M with elegance and luxury to create a new and captivating form, and reveals a new and exciting facet of BMW M. The new model sees the BMW Group looking ahead to the BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe and BMW M8 Gran Coupe, which will be presented during the course of 2019 and round off the BMW 8 Series family.